Лаборатория стохастических
мультистабильных систем

Laboratory of Stochastic
Multistable Systems



Alexey Mikhailov presented UNN at the Russian Digital Week in Italy

StoLab employee Alexei Mikhailov presented Lobachevsky University at the Russian Digital Week in Italy, which was held from November 11 to 15, 2019 as the central event of the Scientific and Educational Exhibition "Achievements and Breakthrough Technologies of Russian Companies in the DIGITAL Sphere" (October-November 2019, Belgium- Italy-Poland). The exhibition was organized by Rossotrudnichestvo together with the operating company «Inconsult K» LLC on the basis of the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Rome.

The exhibition introduced European visitors to the latest developments and achievements of the Russian digital industry in the areas of promissing information and communication technologies, big data, software development and robotics, as well as new educational technologies based on them.

In the business part of the exhibition leading experts, representatives of universities, Russian and joint Russian-Italian companies made reports on existing and promising areas of digital technologies development.
The participants were particularly interested in the reports on the markets of the future in the digital economy (Arseny Uralov, President of the Association of Accelerators and Business Incubators of Russia) and on end-to-end digital technologies that are actively developing within the framework of the national program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” (Anna Gushchina, Head of the Coordination Department regional digitalization of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation).

At the stand of Lobachevsky University, Alexei Mikhailov presented exhibits and video materials based on the results of fundamental and applied research on memristive nanomaterials, devices and systems as a promising element base for the implementation of new product areas within the framework of such end-to-end technologies as «Neurotechnologies and Artificial Intelligence», «Robotics Components and Sensing» and «Big Data».
In his report on the first day of the business program, Alexei Mikhailov presented general information about UNN and emphasized the important role of invited scientists and the mega-grants program of the Government of the Russian Federation (which are also monitored by «Inconsult K») in creating new interdisciplinary laboratories in breakthrough scientific areas citing as an example the current mega-grants of UNN under the guidance of leading scientists from Italy and England. In the main part of the report, Alexey demonstrated how an adaptive bidirectional neurointerface can be implemented on the basis of memristors (the results were obtained within the framework of the Russian Science Foundation project No. 16-19-00144), new approaches to the implementation of memristive plasticity (within the framework of the RFBR project No. 18-29-23001) and use noise and fluctuations to control the memristive effect (within the framework of a mega-grant led by Bernardo Spagnolo (Agreement No. 074-02-2018-330 (2)).

The participants of the exhibition highly appreciated the level of fundamental and applied scientific research of Lobachevsky University and the prospects for their use within the framework of the presented roadmap on neuromorphic and neurohybrid systems, which was developed jointly with partners from the Kurchatov Institute.