Лаборатория стохастических
мультистабильных систем

Laboratory of Stochastic
Multistable Systems



Meeting of the special section "Stochastic multistable systems"

On May 26, 2020, within the framework of the XXIV Scientific Conference on Radiophysics, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Faculty of Radiophysics of UNN, a meeting of the special section "Stochastic Multistable Systems" (chaired by Prof. B. Spagnolo) was held. The meeting was held on the Zoom online platform. The meeting of the special section was attended by about 40 people. Number of speakers - 15, of which 4 are foreign speakers:

1. Spagnolo B., Valenti D., Carolo A. Non-equilibrium phenomena and metastability in mesoscopic and quantum systems.

2. Carollo A., Valenti D., Spagnolo B. Multiparameter estimation, criticality and quantum.

3. Guarcello K., Filatrella G., Spagnolo B., Pierro V., Valenti D. Josephson junction for Levy noise detection.

4. Magatsu L., Grifoni M. Transmission spectra of a superstrongly coupled qubit-dissipative resonator system.

5. Novikov AS, Filatov DO, Antonov DA, Antonov IN, Spagnolo B. Generation of a random telegraph signal in the contact of the probe atomic
force microscope to the ZrO2 (Y) film.

6. Shishmakova V.A., Filatov D.O., Belov A.I., Korolev D.S., Antonov I.N., Mikhailov A.N., Agudov N.V., Dubkov A.A., Spagnolo B. Experimental observation of stochastic resonance in a memristor based on the ZrO2 (Y) / Ta2O5 structure.

7. Straub N.I., Yakimov A.V., Klyuev A.V., Gorshkov O.N., Filatov D.O., Kochergin V.S., Spagnolo B. Analysis of atomic diffusion processes in a memristor as a non-volatile storage device.

8. Sunyaikin D.V., Yakimov A.V., Klyuev A.V., Gorshkov O.N., Filatov D.O., Antonov D.A., Mikhailov A.N., Dimitrakis P., Spagnolo B Analysis of degradation processes in memristive elements of information storage.

9. Mishchenko M.A., Guseinov D.V., Mikhailov A.N. Effect of short-term plasticity in the second-order memristor model.

10. Guseinov D.V., Matyushkin I.V. Chaotic dynamics in the second-order memristor model. Numerical experiment.

11. Okulich E.V., Okulich V.I., Mikhailov A.N., Tetelbaum D.I. Molecular dynamics simulation of the effect of irradiation with Si + ions on the structure of silicon dioxide.

12. Nikirui K.E., Emelyanov A.V., Rylkov V.V., Demin V.A. Hebbian training of memristive impulse neural networks.

13. Gerasimova S.A., Belov A.I., Korolev D.S., Lebedeva A.V., Mikhailov A.N., Kazantsev V.B. Memristor-based neuromorphic system.

14. Kipelkin I.M., Sdobnyakov V.V., Gerasimova S.A., Kazantsev V.B. Development of a neuron-like generator based on memristive devices.

15. Koryazhkina M.N., Novikov A.S., Belov A.I., Antonov I.N., Sharkov V.V., Mikhailov A.N., Filatov D.O., Gorshkov O.N., Dubkov A.A., Spagnolo B. Change in the resistive state of memristive structures Au / Zr / SiO2 / TiN / Ti under the action of alternating voltage with different amplitudes.