Лаборатория стохастических
мультистабильных систем

Laboratory of Stochastic
Multistable Systems


Main position:

Assistant of the Department of Mathematical Methods in Radiophysics, 4-year postgraduate student of the Faculty of Radiophysics

Position in the laboratory:

Junior Researcher

Anna Aleksandrovna Kharcheva, born in 1992, graduated with honors from the Faculty of Radiophysics, Nizhny Novgorod State University. N.I. Lobachevsky, having received a Master's degree in Radiophysics, and in October 2019 completed a full-time postgraduate study at UNN (direction "Radiophysics") and a PhD study at the University of Palermo (Italy). She is a lecturer at the Department of Mathematical Methods in Radiophysics, Faculty of Radiophysics. In the period 2015-2019. delivered oral and poster presentations at 14 scientific conferences and schools, seven of which are international. Hirsch index: Web of Science - 3, Scopus - 3, RSCI - 2. Since 2016 Kharcheva A.A. is a reviewer of Chaos, Solitons & Fractals (ISSN: 0960-0779), since 2018 - Mathematical Problems in Engineering (ISSN: 1563-5147). From May 2014 to present time. Kharcheva A.A. is the secretary of the section “Mathematical modeling of processes and systems” of the scientific conference on radiophysics. In the period 2016-2018. served as Deputy Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee for the Faculty of Radiophysics.