Лаборатория стохастических
мультистабильных систем

Laboratory of Stochastic
Multistable Systems


Main position:

Master's student at the Faculty of Physics

Position in the laboratory:

Laboratory assistant

Kassin Georgy Leonidovich received a bachelor's and master's degrees from the N.N. N.I. Lobachevsky (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) in 2017 and 2019, respectively. He entered graduate school in 2019 in the direction of training "Physics and Astronomy". In 2016, he became an employee of the Laboratory of Physics and Technology of Thin Films at the Physicotechnical Research Institute of Lobachev University as an engineer. Research interests: thin-film fuel cells based on SDC (stabilized zirconium dioxide), study of stochastic nonlinear phenomena in resistive switching of thin films of dielectrics.