Лаборатория стохастических
мультистабильных систем

Laboratory of Stochastic
Multistable Systems


Position in the laboratory:


in 2016 she received her bachelor's degree in nanotechnology and microsystems engineering and entered the master's degree. In the same year, she began working in the laboratory of physics and technology of thin films at NIPT NNSU as an engineer. In 2018, she graduated with honors from the Faculty of Physics. After that she was promoted to a junior research assistant. In the same year she entered the graduate school of the Nizhny Novgorod State University. N.I. Lobachevsky, specialty 05.27.01 - "Solid state electronics, radio electronic components, micro- and nanoelectronics based on quantum effects" at the Department of Solid State Electronics, Faculty of Physics. Research interests: solid state physics, silicon-based nanostructures, ion implantation, defect formation during ion irradiation of semiconductors, opto- and nanoelectronics.